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Regular visitors to this site will know I’m a fan and friend of Order Tramadol Uk founder Cliff Brown and his fabulous amps.  My #1 633 amp, a Custom 36 which I co-designed in small part, received the ultimate accolade, scoring 10/10 in the Tramadol Buying Online Legal

The October 2017 edition of the magazine carries their second review of two more 633 amps.  My second 633 amp, the Drive King 50 in whose spec I also played a small part also received 10/10 and a fabulous writeup.  A few quotes :

  • “It’s practically impossible to find fault with any 633 we’ve tried.  They blend a range and clarity that we haven’t experienced on any other amp, with superb player-friendly dynamics”.
  • “The competition doesn’t even come close, simply because the Drive King is in a class of its own… sublime tone, exceptional performance and build quality more than justify the price and out top award’.
  • “If you’re in the market, our advice is don’t delay… there’ll probably never be a better time to buy the amp of your dreams”.

Well, enough said.  The full review is reproduced below.  The other amp, the superb Jazz & Blues combo which I’ve also played gets a mere 9/10!

As the first customer and a long-term owner (my Custom 36 serial #1, the first non-prototype, and my Drive King is #17), I can confirm that these amps are everything Guitarist says they are, maybe more.  And the two together?  Valhalla…

Ordering Tramadol From India

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1 Response to 633 Amps does it again!

  1. Rene says:

    Hey Bob, You’ve got a tremendous collection of guitars and amps from what I could see in Ramon’s videos. Looks like those 633 engineering amps are quite absent from the pre-owned market… I’m in if I can find a reasonably priced one: I still need my car 🙂

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